Here is this year’s event schedule! Click to download a full-size PDF to share with friends and fellow book lovers.


The WCLR hosts 4 main types of events:

MYRCA Celebration Dinner (Fall):

  • A supper with other students and adults who have read and voted for Manitoba Young Readers; Choice Award (MYRCA) books and gather to celebrate the current year’s MYRCA winner.
  • The winning author is present to sign books, share information, and answer questions.
  • Books written by the author are available for purchase.

Information Book Award Read-In (Fall):

  • Evaluation and selection of a winner for this award from a short-list, sponsored by all the Children’s Literature Roundtables across Canada.
  • Supper included.

Roundtable Discussion Evening(s) (Winter):

  • An evening spent listening to Manitoba authors discuss their books AND/OR attendees sharing and discussing children’s literature.
  • Free for WCLR members.
  • Light refreshments and snacks served.

Amelia Read-In (Spring):

  • Evaluation and selection of top pick for the Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustrator’s Award.
  • Afternoon event with light lunch served.

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