Amelia Awards 2015

On Saturday, April 11, 2015 we once again hosted our annual Amelia Read-In event at Rossmere Country Club. Participants discussed the 10 shortlisted nominees for the 2015 Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustrator’s Award. This year’s list boasted some new illustrators, as well as some old favourites.  After a lively discussion and a little debate, we selected Gustav (ill. Pierre Pratt) as our top pick to win, followed closely by Any Questions (ill. Marie Louis Gay) and The Most Magnificent Thing (ill. Ashely Spires) We anxiously await news of the the official winner.
We were luck to have Melanie Matheson, a local book designer join us for our discussion.  After a delicious lunch, Melanie looked at each of the nominated books through the eye of a designer and provided some insight into what designers consider when putting together a book.  It was a a great afternoon spent among book lovers and we can’t wait to see if our selection wins.
IMG_2634 IMG_2601
IMG_2636 IMG_2614

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